Li-ion 4.2v / 4.35v chargers

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Li-ion 4.2v / 4.35v chargers

Postby cottonpickers » Mon Oct 29, 2012 7:23 pm

Most li-ion cells need to be charged to 4.2v using a cc/cv algorithm. However there are some high capacity cells out there that need a 4.35v charging rate. This is a specialist charger for users of both 4.2v and 4.35v li-ion rechargeable cells.

This is not a consumer product! -meaning that its specialist for people who understand the charging rate and voltages of Lithium Ion cells and who understand the dangers. Using a 4.35v charger on a 4.2v cell can result in fire and explosion.

This is a specialist charger - Most 18650s will be damaged with this when used on the 4.35v setting. Only VERY limited number of 18650's are designed to take this 4.35v setting. If you don't know for SURE that your your cell is compatible, please do not purchase. 4.2v setting set to 500ma ; 4.35v setting has max 1000ma (dropping to 500ma at 4.2v)


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18650 Cradle

This is a cradle for 18650's suitable for all chargers with built in voltmeter. Particularly good with the Octa charger as it ensure you get the polarity correct. Only available when ordered with a charger
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